A chocolate journey with CÉMOI…

le 20 mars 2018 - News
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This Tuesday, February 27 2018, CÉMOI had the honor to receive the sales representatives of MÉTRO Cash & Carry France for a chocolate journey with Olivier Bajard, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry Chef, ambassador of the Empreinte and Succession products of the CÉMOI Gourmet range.

Everyone had the chance to discover the flavors of the Empreinte and Succession chocolates. The range Empreinte impressed with its cocoa content and its different notes according to its origins: Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

Under the supervision of Olivier Bajard, the teams were able to take their creations home, from a chocolate cake to gourmet mendiants with nuts and dried fruits.

Thank you very much to the Metro Cash & Carry France team for sharing this chocolate moment with CÉMOI and to Mr. Bajard for receiving us at his international pastry school.

Journée Métro CÉMOI
Journée Métro CÉMOI
Journée Métro CÉMOI

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