Transparence Cacao

With Transparence Cacao, CÉMOI is committed to producing sustainable cocoa. Traceability and quality are at the heart of this programme. In creating this quality cocoa, CÉMOI generates added value for all the actors in the network.

The 60,000 farmers and their families are the true actors of the Transparence Cacao programme. CÉMOI is committed to valorising and increasing their professional nature of work to produce sustainable cocoa in such a way as to allow them to gain in skills.

A good chocolate can only come from quality cocoa. At CÉMOI, this level of quality is achieved by following the four founding priorities of the Transparence Cacao programme:


Food Quality:

A chocolate of which we know its history: from the origin of the cocoa bean to its manufacture process


Aromatic Quality:
A chocolate with subtle and delicate aromas.


Planters quality of life :
A chocolate that ensures quality of life for the planter so that he can support his family and reinvest in his work


Environmental Quality :
A chocolate that contributes to environmental protection