Hot Chocolate by Franck Michel

le 27 mai 2019 - Recipes
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Franck Michel, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Pastry World Champion presents 3 recipes of hot chocolate to be reproduced at home :


Hazelnut hot chocolate :

Whole milk 450g
Liquid cream 35% 300g
Sugar 50g
Empreinte Ivory Coast 100% 90g
Hazelnut praline 90g

Bring to a boil.
Add Empreinte Ivory Coast 100% then bring to a boil.
Pour Hazelnut Praline. Mix together. Serve hot.


Hot Chocolate with Orange zests:

Hot Chocolate with Orange zests :
Whole milk 400g
Liquid Cream 35% 200g
2 Orange zests
Empreinte Dominican Republic 72% 140g
Caster sugar 35g

Cover the saucepan with plastic wrap. Infuse about 15 minutes.
Filter the infused milk into a saucepan. Add Liquid Cream 35% and caster sugar.
Add Empreinte Dominican Republic 72% then bring to a boil. Mix together and serve hot.


Healthy Hot chocolate : 

Soy milk 500g
Flower/blossom honey 40g
Empreinte Ecuador 75% 60g
Empreinte Ecuador 100% 20g

Bring soy milk to a boil.
Add flower/blossom honey.
Add Empreinte Ecuador 75% and Empreinte Ecuador 100%.
Bring to a boil then mix together. Serve hot

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