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-130 g Butter

-1/3 Vanilla bean

-2 g Fleur de sel

-65 g Icing sugar

-155 g Flour T55

-10 g Egg yolks


1. Mix the Isigny unsalted butter with vanilla bean and fleur de sel.

2. dd the flour then egg yolks.

3. Low, to bake at 155°C

Biscuit Joconde


-170 g Whole eggs

-50 g Semolina sugar

-125 g Almonds powder

-15 g Inverted sugar

-35 g Flour T45

-30 g Butter

-100 g Egg whites

-55 g Semolina sugar


(This biscuit can be perfumed with matcha powder up to 2% of the total weight).
Spread on baking mat, bake at 200°C.

Confit framboise


-180 g Raspberry puree

-5 g Inverted sugar

-5 g NH pectin

-15 g Semolina sugar

-10 g Lemon juice


1. Heat to 40°C the raspberry puree and the inverted sugar.

2. Add pectin mixture and semolina sugar, bring to a boil, add lemon juice, cool.

3. Mix before use.

Crème Ivoire parfumée


-5 g Gelatin powder

-25 g Cold water

-360 g Milk

-200 g Fluid cream

-1 Orange for zests

-1/2 Vanilla bean

-90 g Egg yolks

-280 g Couverture Succession white 31%


1. Infuse vanilla and zests in the hot cream for 15 minutes. Filter.

2. Cook like an “Anglaise“, pour on the hashed Couverture Succession white 31% then mix.

3. Cool or mold in smaller mold than assembly.

Bavaroise légère matcha


-6 g Gelatin powder

-30 g Cold water

-35 g Egg yolks

-90 g Milk

-60 g Couverture Succesion White 31%

-10 g Matcha powder

-60 g Italian Meringue

-230 g Whipping cream


1. Cook the egg yolks, the milk as an “Anglaise“, add the mass of gelatin, and pour over Couverture Succession white 31%.

2. Mix with Matcha.

3. To temper, to add the meringue then the mounted cream.

4. Dress up immediately.

Methode and presentation

Prepare the inserts with biscuit, scented ivory cream and raspberry confit, freeze. Mount the cupcakes by placing the insert, freeze. Remove from pan.
Spray the cupcakes with a green colored mass and place them on a cooked shortbread disk. Decorate

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