Bouchée Asia by Franck Michel

le 30 janvier 2019 - Recipes

Ganache Gingembre


-210 g Whipping cream

-60 g Ginger juice

-30 g Inverted sugar

-50 g Couverture Empreinte Ecuador 75%

-330 g Couverture Empreinte Ecuador 50%

-45 g Butter


1. Bring the cream, the inverted sugar, to boil on the chopped covers in three times to obtain a smooth ganache then mix the ginger juice.

2. Add the kneaded butter at 35/40°C with a blender.

Praliné amandes sésame


-400 g Almonds

-100 g Sesame

-350 g Semolina sugar

-125 g Glucose

-75 g Water


1. Lightly roasted the almonds.

2. Cook the water, sugar, glucose at 145°C, add the hot fruits.

3. Finish cooking until coloring.

4. Cool before grinding.

Praliné collé


-250 g Praline almonds

-25 g CÉMOI cocoa butter

-25 g Couverture Empreinte Ecuador 50%


1. Temper the melted couverture with the cocoa butter.

2. Mix with the praline.

Methode and presentation

Spray bites molds with Couverture Empreinte Ecuador 50%, let crystallize.
Garnish with three quarters of ganache, let crystallize.
Cover with sesame almond praline and seal with Couverture Empreinte Ecuador 50%.
Un mold after complete crystallization.

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