Students use Cémoi’s couvertures…

le 18 avril 2018 - News
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The Lycée Christian Bourquin in Argelès-sur-Mer is the first French school to work with the new Gourmet range of CÉMOI.

For two years now, the school has been offering a chocolate confectioner’s diploma. A year followed by 12 motivated students, retained on record since it is imperative to know the fundamentals.

Working with chocolate is not easy and the quality of this sector is underlined by the professor Gilles Griffon: “The motivation of the students is essential. In order to work sugar and chocolate, you need to be hyper organized, respect the temperatures, be meticulous and creative. We also highlight the products, this partnership with CÉMOI will be very useful to make moldings; specific creations will be made thanks to the different flavors of the range.”

This is a real opportunity for the chocolatier and this decision was obvious for the establishment, always looking for short circuit distribution and links with local businesses.

The involvement of the distributor Galia Grau and Les Toques Blanches du Roussillon are the foundations of this partnership. About a ton of chocolate will be used during the year.

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