Europain Fair & CÉMOI

le 31 janvier 2018 - News

CÉMOI and MOF Franck Michel present at Europain

As part of the Sens & Chocolat Festival, CÉMOI and Planetgout collaborate within LAB INTERSUC with two demos animated by Franck Michel. The aim of this festival is to raise the awareness of “the artisan who buys cocoas and chocolates” to the quality and importance of his ethical choices, in maintaining biodiversity for a tasty and sustainable chocolate.

These values correspond to those conveyed by the group, through its Transparence Cacao program, making enable to manage the entire network of chocolate production, from the picking up to the finished product while improving working and living conditions of planters in order to obtain an aromatic cocoa.

Come and discover the creations of Franck Michel made with our products Empreinte of Ivory Coast and Dominican Republic during the Professional Master Class at EUROPAIN at LAB Intersuc on Tuesday, February 6th at 9:40 am (stand 6C126).

We will be happy to meet you!

Franck Michel Démo CÉMOI
CÉMOI EMPREINTE 72 République Dominicaine