Empreinte and Succession in Japan

le 19 juin 2018 - News
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The launch of Empreinte and Succession in Japan took place in Tokyo and Osaka.

For this special occasion, MOF Patissier Laurent Le Daniel has performed 3 days of demonstrations to make discover the aromatic qualities of the two Gourmet ranges.

200 people were present for these 3 days including big names in pastry (owners of several pastries, director of the association of confectioners of Japan, Fujita chef, etc.).

These demos have drawn a lot of questions, especially about the management of a pastry. Due to a Japanese regulation for the respect of working hours which is getting stricter, the chef, who owns seven pastry shops in Rennes explained the importance of rationalizing the work tool, by buying light equipment to reduce work hardness and perform the basic one. But above all, the most important is to motivate the staff since a motivated staff leads to a satisfied customer.

The chef has made five recipes with consecutives tips: how to collect the rest of the biscuit, how to replace some ingredients, how to deal with moisture, etc. Many interesting anecdotes for the participants.

Thank you to all the participants for coming and to Sun 8 Japan for organizing these demos! A big thank you to Laurent Le Daniel for making gourmet recipes from our CÉMOI chocolates.

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