Know How

Mastering the infinite palette of cocoa flavours entails managing all of the stages involved in developing its aromatic potential: cultivation, fermentation, roasting, conching,…

Heir to a tradition and know-how of more than 200 years, CÉMOI uses its expertise to supply chocolate professionals throughout the world. From bean to finished product, CÉMOI masters every stage of the production process. With our 15 produciton sites, CÉMOI is the leading chocolate maker in France and a master in the art of transforming cocoa into chocolate.

Our products for the professionals of gastronomy (Chefs and artisans) are created and developed by a team of experts dedicated to the Gourmet market: R&D, marketing, production, sales, etc., offering the very best service, adapted to the requirement of each and every one of our customers. Quality, modernity and creativity are the founding principles of our CÉMOI brand.